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Minimize Engine

Project Description

The Minimize Engine is a basic 3D Games Engine created using XNA, with its primary focus around Grid Based games, developed by Adam Goodchild. It's primary aim is to allow developers to test out their ideas with ease, allowing them to implement Grid Based features at will.

Current Release

The current release of the Minimize Engine is v1.0. The feature set is as follows:
  • Cross Platform – Windows and Xbox 360
  • Grid System
  • Game State Management System (Based off of the XNA GSM Sample)
  • .FBX Model Loading and Rendering
  • Basic Audio System
  • Basic Networking
  • Input – Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox 360 Controller
  • Scene Graph (Including a basic Scene Graph Viewer)
  • OpiConsole (Courtesy of Daniel Hobley)

Minimize Engine Samples

The Minimize Engine comes with a set of Samples to demonstrate the features that it is capable of. You can download the individual samples from the following location:
Minimize Engine Samples

Minimize Engine Roadmap

There are many plans for the Minimize Engine to improve its feature set and efficiency. Below is a list of some of the main features that are to be implemented when possible:
  • Improved Grid System – Advanced Rendering Options
  • Revamped Scene Graph Viewer
    • Edit Entities via Viewer
    • Detailed Entity Information
    • Entity Component Sections
  • Implementation of Culling
  • Lighting System – Spotlight, Point and Directional
  • Basic Shader System
  • Basic Scripting System


You can download the Minimize Engine at its latest release from the download link on the right of this page.
If you wish to view the source code for the project, visit the Source Code tab at the top of this page.


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